BOX Telematics have been manufacturing for over a decade as a significant force in the contract electronics manufacturing industry. A full service manufacturing solution is provided by BOX with an integrated collaborative approach to product design, component procurement, assembly, testing, packaging and distribution.

Working with state of the art technology and assembly functions, BOX delivers accurate and reliable products. From high specification new product development to volume assembly, BOX has the expertise and experience to successfully deliver an end to end contract electronics manufacturing solution.

BOX’s quality management system is approved to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 18001:2007, ISO 27001:2013.

How we work


BOX provides off the shelf and bespoke telematics devices that are supported by in house developed firmware and configuration management tools.  Many UK and international market leading telematics service providers use BOX manufactured hardware to enhance their solution offering.  Sophisticated telematics devices are being manufactured based on a history of hardware development and field testing.  From the world’s first GPRS based GPS tracking device over a decade ago, to the market’s smallest OBD self-install telematics device, BOX have the experience and expertise to provide reliable telematics hardware.

Underwater Technology

BOX adheres to extremely stringent design guidelines and safety regulations when working with underwater technology clients.  BOX work closely with companies from the oil and gas sectors, as well as the military, to manufacture state of the art underwater RADAR systems.  Key elements are currently produced for Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) as well as purpose built heavy construction systems capable of working under deep waters up to 4,000 metres enduring challenging subsea environments.

LED Lighting

BOX has long established relationships with LED technology market leaders and has specialist expertise in the design and assembly of LED products. Providing quality, highly efficient and competitively priced product lines means that BOX was selected as the sole European contract manufacturer for key European Government clients, moving production from Asian competitors.


BOX has won key contracts within the medical sector thanks to their specialist and high quality precision assembly facilities.  The partnerships have been underwritten by the guaranteed levels of quality and the exceptional technical ability of the BOX workforce.  This has ensured that essential lifesaving medical equipment can be delivered at a competitive price, enabling each product to be made more widely available.  The advancing medical industry demands the highest quality components, sterilised production environments and discreet business practices.

Energy Saving

Managing energy costs is a key consideration to businesses when examining their competitiveness and survival.  BOX work with key energy saving partners to manufacture energy management systems and industry leading solutions.

M2M Interfaces

BOX have specialist expertise in M2M equipment engineering, enabling provision of not just manufacturing services but accelerated time to market using advanced M2M server platforms and infrastructure solutions.  Progressing with advanced technology, BOX increasingly network products to achieve greater value and service by exchanging data via the Internet of Things.  Examples where BOX has helped customers include telematics, underwater sonar technology and wireless building energy management solutions.

PCB Assembly

BOX Manufacturing offer a full SMT contract assembly service with surface mount PCB including manual, semi-automatic or fully automated assembly.

We offer a complete in-line system comprising of MIRAE placement machines, all with fully automatic vision systems for excellent placement repeatability. Capability includes assembling of Ball Grid Arrays (BGA), Quad Flat Packs (QFP) and fine pitch (00.12”).  SMD components down to 0201 and up to 75mm square in batch sizes from one off to 50,000 off per month.

We offer complete PCB build solutions using the following techniques:-

3 complete SMT in line systems, comprising of MIRAE placement machines all with fully automatic vision systems allowing excellent placement repeatability capable of small, medium and large volume production runs. All PCB inspection and test is carried out using in line & off line AOI systems.


BOX Manufacturing offer a flexible approach to the services we provide.  We can accommodate one-off sample runs to small, medium and large volume production runs.  The service doesn’t stop with the production of the finished product, BOX Manufacturing can provide a storage and global distribution capability that a number of our blue chip clients currently enjoy. Underpinning this capability is the following:-

  • The provision of a dedicated project engineer.
  • Understanding customer requirements and maintaining effective communication with the customer.
  • Engineering the implementation of the process.
  • Quality planning.
  • Established documented processes approved to ISO 9001:2008.
  • Fully trained and motivated staff.
  • Effective materials management ensuring best price and availability.

BOX can offer the following associated processes:-

  • Conformal Coating – providing enhanced protection against humidity.
  • Potting – for greater water resistance and IPR protection.
  • Mechanical assembly – BOX can offer both manual and semi-automatic assembly solutions.
  • Final testing – carried out to customer requirements and can include the provision of a bespoke platform.
  • Product traceability – all inspected and tested product is detailed on databases for traceability purposes.

Other services available include:-

  • Design and re-design (value engineering).
  • Component modification and software upgrade.
  • Screening and configuration.
  • Warranty traceability systems.
  • Bar coding and labelling.

Over the last 10 years, BOX Manufacturing have helped design and build over 1 million M2M products for different applications across many business sectors.  Our highly skilled technicians are at hand to provide an unrivalled true end to end manufacturing solution.