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Essex County Council - A Case Study

Essex County Council's Community Link is a division specialising in community transport for the elderly and for people with special educational needs. Community Link operate a fleet of 67 vehicles and with the introduction of vehicle telematics have achieved the prestigious Green Fleet award for 2009.

Why did they need vehicle tracking?

  • Reduce carbon emissions.
  • Increase fleet utilisation.
  • To fulfil their on the road health and safety and lone worker obligations and give added security to drivers.
  • To Increase MPG reducing overall fuel spend.
  • To monitor driver hours worked.
  • The ability to have total visibility in real time of all vehicle locations throughout the UK.
  • To enhance customers service levels.
  • To increase route efficiencies.
  • To reduce vehicle maintenance costs.

What was the solution?

  • User friendly system for all to use.
  • Detailed journey replays to give definitive information for route analysis and maximum efficiencies.
  • Agreement directly with financially stable UK manufacturer.
  • Robust and reliable hardware to ensure minimal downtime for a fleet of 67 vehicles.
  • 60 second and 45 degree turn locations refreshed every two minutes to ensure real time tracking in the UK.
  • Automated KPI events.
  • Simple time on site report to show all vehicle stops and durations.
  • Automated vehicle utilisation reporting.

Why did they choose a BOX Telematics solution?

BOX Partner, ETS Business Solutions, have successfully provided telematics consultancy and project management solutions to large blue chip organisations and the public sector for over ten years.

Essex County Council's Community Link required a reliable, robust solution to work throughout the UK from an established and financially stable supplier and trusted their BOX Telematics dealer to make the correct recommendation.

What were the results and the benefits gained?

  • Clear routing analysis throughout the UK to ensure best route choices are selected by logistics.
  • Identified unacceptable time spent on site and in the depot.
  • Reduced harsh acceleration, harsh breaking and speeding events.
  • Identification of vehicles not fully utilised.
  • Reliable live tracking allowing customer service level agreements to be met and proved if required.
  • Management are no longer allocating time to calling drivers for updates on location as the system is live at all times.
  • Increased MPG and steady reduction of overall fuel spend.

In summary

“We looked at several telematics solutions over a significant period of time all with different functionality and costs. The BOX Telematics solution fitted the need the best and helped deliver the project within budget.

Our main concerns were reliability of these solutions, but our BOX Partner, ETS Business Solutions, delivered a product that is not only reliable, but also has an excellent back office support network that responds to our requirements in very good time. BOX Telematics are also proactive in upgrading the system, ensuring our solution is future proof.

We have a strong relationship with our BOX Partner and BOX themselves for on-going support and potential future projects.

I have been extremely happy with the performance of the system to date and as a result I would not hesitate to recommend a BOX Telematics solution to other organisations.”

Operational Strategy & Data Specialist - Essex County Council

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