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General Traffic - A Case Study

General Traffic is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of car spares, tyres and exhausts. Their aim is to offer a comprehensive and efficient distribution service to the motor trade, stocking and supplying automotive parts of premium quality.

Operating from 15 branches through North West England and Staffordshire, General Traffic is a family run business that has been established for over 25 years operating 110 delivery vans and 10 sales representative vehicles within their fleet.

Why did they need vehicle tracking?

  • They recently set up a central control warehouse in Warrington to hold larger quantities of stock to distribute to branches and wanted management control of the vehicles deliveries.
  • Due to their continued growth and the size of their fleet it was vital that they had simple to use management of their vehicles and drivers through telematics.
  • To reduce fuel bills and make the most efficient use of their fleet.
  • To monitor, manage and reduce unauthorised vehicle use out of hours.
  • To protect their brand and corporate image by ensuring that vehicles are driven safely by their drivers.
  • To increase vehicle security and provide peace of mind whilst also reducing insurance premiums.
  • To fulfil their mission statement of providing the fastest and most efficient service to their customers.

What was the solution?

  • Driver ID in all vehicles with every member of staff issued a key fob to identify them against the journey.
  • A two key fob system for the sales representatives to differentiate between business and private use with private use being “hidden” to protect the privacy of staff members.
  • Running the system by exception. With the size of the fleet it was imperative that the system ran itself via e-mail alerts to specific events rather than their management team having to look for them.
  • Real engine idling to alert and report of wasted fuel when ignitions could be switched off.
  • Road specific speeding alerting and reporting of speeding on individual roads in line with the national speed limit.
  • Harsh braking and harsh acceleration alerts and reports to improve driver behaviour and reduce fuel and maintenance costs as well as fulfilling the company’s duty of care.
  • Detailed journey replays to give definitive information for accident investigation and reporting.
  • Ongoing and specific system development to ensure that the software continues to meet their needs on an ongoing basis.
  • Exporting of reports to Microsoft Excel to allow for easy integration with existing reporting procedures.
  • Hierarchy structure ensuring individual branches only have access to their own vehicles whilst Head Office have full fleet visibility.

Why did they choose a BOX Telematics solution? 

BOX Partner – ETS Business Solutions were the only company that spent the time to understand General Traffic’s specialist market and mode of operation which is different from the vast majority of other industry fleets.

General Traffic had seen many tracking companies that were simply promoting one product that could not meet their specific needs. With a dedicated account manager, they were able to work closely with us to select the appropriate system from BOX and make the necessary changes to the software to make it effective within their vertical market.

What were the results and the benefits gained?

  • Savings of 8,000 litres of fuel compared to the same 6 month period in 2009. Estimated monetary saving £8,800. More deliveries are being made by more vans travelling more miles than the same period in 2009 due to expansion.
  • Improved vehicle allocation by identifying actual vehicle use at individual branches allowing re-allocation of underutilised vehicles rather than purchasing new vehicles.
  • More management time now available to fulfil core functions as many time-consuming manual processes are now automated.
  • Visibility of who was driving which vehicle at any time to improve performance and efficiency as well as allowing easy management of speeding fines and parking tickets.
  • Enormous reduction in non-authorised personal use of company vehicles.
  • Automation of accurate business/private mileage of sales representatives allowing replacement of fuel allowance payment making great reduction in fuel spend and automating P11D reporting for sales representatives to HMRC.
  • Elimination of human error in reporting, all now automated and accurate.
  • Simple transfer of tracking reports into Excel to transpose into management reports.
  • Accurate odometer readings from the software rather than having to manually attain odometer readings for each vehicle for service and maintenance of the fleet.
  • All customer queries are dealt with at first point of contact rather than having to call drivers for information giving excellent customer service.

In summary

“We are delighted that we selected a BOX Telematics solution. Our BOX Partner, ETS Business Solutions, took the time to understand our industry and were able to provide a suitable solution from BOX to meet our specific needs.

We continue to work in partnership with our BOX Partner and BOX themselves through regular contact with our dedicated account manager, who has been the same devoted person throughout the entire process, and who we have a fantastic relationship with. When they say they will do something they are always true to their word in every aspect.

The monetary savings we have made through fuel reduction whilst actually increasing our fleet, mileage and number of deliveries has far outstripped our expectations and has greatly contributed to offsetting the cost of implementing the system.

General Traffic pride ourselves on our customer service and the implementation of the system has allowed us to take this to another level with accurate information available to us at all times giving excellent service to our customers at the first point of contact.”

Director - General Traffic

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