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Don’t Get Caught Out by Insurance Scams – Catch it All on Camera

Have you ever thought about what would happen if somebody had the audacity to try and scam you (and your insurance provider) out of thousands of pounds for a false claim against you?

How would you try to prove, without doubt, that the ‘accident’ wasn’t your fault?  That proof may even be needed in a bid to clear your name and avoid something as scary as a prison sentence! 

The world of driving is of course fraught with dangers and things to be wary of-it always has been and always will be.  Some people are just terrible drivers (who let’s face it, shouldn’t have a licence at all) - we all accept that and then get on with our lives.  Then there are some very bad eggs working in gangs to try and cheat their way into a bag full of free money…claiming everything from an insurance pay out to personal injury claims (for themselves and the 5 other people that ‘were in the back seats’.  What does this all mean for you?  Well it means, unless you want to play Private Detective to prove your innocence that you need to consider protecting your integrity as a good, honest, safe driver.

You’re now most probably thinking “yes, but it’ll never happen to me because I’m such a good driver that I’ll always avoid ‘accidents’” – well, tell that to the countless people caught up in fraudulent ‘crash for cash’ schemes which are estimated to cost the insurance industry almost £400million every year (which means higher premiums for you of course).  It’s easy to think that, but it’ll only make the pill harder to swallow if it does actually happen, so why not take action now?

Many people have started to become the prevention to such scandalous insurance fraud, rather than demanding a cure.  With the increasing popularity of ‘dashcams’, or black box video cameras, many drivers are making sure that their cars (and bikes of course) can see what they see during an accident (making it much easier to prove who was at fault).  Insurance Companies and Emergency Services can disperse with the imaginative, time-consuming ‘cock and bull’ stories and simply see the action on screen.  

Specialist camera brands such as RoadHawk use high resolution cameras to capture footage as you drive.  Videos on YouTube demonstrate just exactly how some people are thinking they can get away with ludicrous claims.  One video shows a woman who quite clearly hasn’t been hit (by at least 3 feet), claiming to have been by the driver behind her….until she is told about the camera and drives off somewhat scalded with the truth. 

Take a moment to think about how much driving you do.  How many other drivers you hustle and bustle with each day and then think if preventing a claim against you would make sense.  

Getting one over on a crook would certainly make you feel good inside!

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