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How to Reduce Your Fuel Costs with Vehicle Tracking Devices

It will come with great joy to many business owners that petrol prices have once again dipped, after supermarket giant, Morrisons, slashed the costs of their fuel for the second time in a week.

The price of Morrisons unleaded stood at 109.7p per litre on Friday ahead of this Bank Holiday weekend; giving rise to the lowest prices recorded in 2015 to date. 

Oil prices dropped for the seventh week in a row this week leading experts to estimate that petrol could soon cost less than £1 per litre. “Great”, I hear you saying to yourself, but what if you could actually make even further savings when it came to fuel costs? 

With the use of vehicle telematics, it is possible to reduce your fuel costs by a further 15%, so if fuel does fall below the estimated price, you could theoretically end up paying under 75p per litre – an absolute no brainer!

Through the use of telematics, Fleet Managers can monitor drivers and their vehicles in terms of driving behaviour and performance. Fuel solutions from vehicle tracking devices have the ability to improve overall driving behaviour and encourage better driving styles through an in-cab driver display, resulting in a reduction of carbon footprint and increased efficiencies. Fleet managers can also use software to focus on where savings can be made, through trends in the data being transmitted from fleet vehicles.

An abundance of reports are available to recognise poor driving behaviour that has a direct effect on fuel consumption. These include harsh braking, harsh cornering, over revving between gears and accelerating too quickly. 

While the reduction in petrol prices at the pumps might be a flash in the pan, savings made with vehicle telematics solutions are here to stay.

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