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Telematics could combat erroneous speeding fines

Telematics data has proven highly beneficial in a case by a motoring campaigner who has fought a speeding ticket issued by Northumbria Police.

Neil Herron threatened to reveal GPS data in court after he was stopped by a police patrol claiming that he was travelling at 40mph in a 30mph zone. Luckily, Herron was trialing a black box telematics device which in fact indicated that he was doing below the 30mph limit and in turn provided him with sufficient proof to battle police evidence in court. 

The incident took place in January 2014 but after 19 months of waiting for the case to come before Sunderland Magistrates Court, they decided in his favour after the CPS offered no evidence against him.

It is unclear why the CPS did not continue to pursue the case but it has been suggested that police could have known that their own technology was capable of producing invalid data. This coupled with somebody who was willing to fight the battle in court led them to subsequently drop the case against him.

To BOX’s knowledge, this is the first instance of a case where the precision and reliability of telematics data has, in essence, overruled Home Office approved equipment and potentially undermined the capacity of police evidence. This case definitely goes to show the power of telematics and highlights the many avenues to which GPS data can provide useful information are yet to be explored.

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