arrow JCB find innovative solution with BOX Telematics

JCB find innovative solution with BOX Telematics

As far back as 2005 the research and development teams at BOX & JCB began working on an effective Telematics solution for the ‘Backhoe Loader’ project. 

The product was designed to the requirements drawn up by JCB’s Research and Development team. The tracking device would be integrated into the JCB Telehandler & Backhoe loader machines to capture data on machine performance in the field, ranging from gears to engine hours. This data proved vital to JCB for enhancing machine design and choosing engine components of the future. This became the catalyst of a strong working relationship between both companies.

In 2009 JCB  approached BOX  to design their next generation CANbus product that would incorporate the JCB brand and to be installed into machines on the JCB production line. The product named LLECU (LiveLink engine control unit) was designed to be robust and reliable in the harsh environments that the machines are put through. 

Since Livelink went live it has proved to be successful throughout all divisions within JCB.