Our user friendly automated data collection system

The choices open to our Application Service Providers is now more comprehensive than ever. SPOTON™ allows complete control of your own system in all or any one of the options below.

BOX will work with you to make sure the option that is closely matched to your requirements meets your every need.

BOX Gateway is a data collection portal, hosting the Spoton™ application, a user friendly web based reporting program.

  • Massive functionality, offering full visibility of your vehicles, assets or people – no matter where in the world.
  • Able to track the location of any vehicle, asset or person using BOX-tracker, BOX-solo or iSPOT, with the ability to view a vehicle’s, driver’s or person behaviour, the direction, speed as well as viewing the location on up-to-date street level and satellite maps.


Available with the facility for users to create complex geofences, thereby further increasing the management & visibility of their vehicles, assets and people.

The user can create circular, rectangular or complex polygon 'alert zones' which detect if a vehicle enters or exits a defined area.

The London congestion zone is also available as standard.

Powerful reporting

provides a quick overview of a vehicle’s, asset’s and person’s  activity over the course of days, weeks or months.

Offering information on daily activity, visits or whether late or early arriving to appointments.

Detailed summary reports, such as Utilisation, Driver performance, can be run in real time or scheduled for delivery by email to your inbox.

Web service access

So that customers can utilise data collected via BOX gateway in their own business systems.

Easy to use

An intuitive interface, with a clean and clear structure. The position of each vehicle, asset and person is automatically updated on the map.

SPOTON™ is a subscription based service, you get all maps and upgrades as and when they are made available.


Reliable, 24-7-365 access to SPOTON™, accessible via a secure online account using your personal ID and password. That's why SPOTON™ is trusted by many business customers all over the World.

Improve your Bottom Line and Improve Productivity

Save money by:

  • Reducing fuel use.
  • No longer having to make a mobile phone call to find out where your workers are.

Increase Productivity:

  • Employees are much less likely to "slack-off" when they know they are being monitored.
  • By no longer being able to start late or finish early, your mobile workers could carry out more jobs per day.

Reduced Administration

You now know where ALL of your mobile workers are and have been:

  • Instead of phoning an employee to find out where they are, just look on the map!
  • Easily confirm and corroborate mileage claims.
  • Use our automated reporting suite to produce timesheets and journey histories.
Easily confirm and corroborate mileage claims.


Easily confirm and corroborate mileage claims.



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