Vehicle Tracking Devices

BOX Telematics offers innovative and revolutionary vehicle tracking devices through a pioneering product range. BOX Telematics provide market-leading products which contain the most modern componentry available, all of which is manufactured right here in the UK. The state of the art technology used puts them at the very forefront of the telematics industry.

T10 Micro

The T10 Micro has been developed to provide a self-fit platform with unique features. It is fully certified and connects via GPS and Bluetooth with all functions fully enclosed in one of the smallest telematics devices available in the market.

T10 Lite

The T10 Lite is the new generation hardware bringing cutting edge vehicle monitoring in a small ergonomic closure. The T10 Lite small form factor addresses the challenge of reduced space in new model vehicles and provides IO functionality for advanced vehicle monitoring.



The T8 telematics device combines industry leading technology with a fast end-to-end installation process. It caters for all mobile applications that require accurate positioning and communication solutions in a platform that utilises convenient and secure internet protocols.

T8 Mini

The T8 Mini device combines fastest time to market with an excellent price performance ratio. It addresses all mobile applications that require accurate positioning and communication based on cost-effective, convenient and secure standard internet protocol.



Aggressive driving wastes fuel, pollutes the atmosphere, causes excessive vehicle wear and tear and increases the chances of being involved in a road traffic accident.

The SPOTONfuel Lightbar has been designed to provide real time feedback to drivers, encouraging a safer and more fuel efficient driving style. Via the T8 telematics unit, it is able to monitor and provide direct visual and audible warnings to the driver on:

  • Harsh Braking/Acceleration/Cornering
  • Over revving
  • Time spent in the green band 
  • Cruise control operation
  • True engine idle
  • Speeding

ASP Sales Services

Our market leading hardware is also available for third party applications and integration.

BOX Telematics has the hardware solution to fit your integration requirements, with developed and flexible integration protocols and a wealth of engineering and support expertise to assist your with your needs.

If you have a comprehensive software platform but you can't find the hardware to match, then BOX can help.

Our range of market leading products, boasting one of the smallest self-install devices in the industry will provide you with the quality hardware you need.